10 Things To Do In Fukuoka

10 Things To Do In Fukuoka

Fukuoka City (福岡市 | fukuoka shi)

Fukuoka is a city located in the southern region Kyushu.

There’s much to do in Fukuoka, from shopping to food to sight-seeing, you’ll be spoilt for choices.

As the sun sets, billboards and street stalls light up the concrete jungle, transforming it into a vibrant and lively scene.

1. Shopping at Kawabata Shopping Street (上川端商店街 | kamikawabata shotengai)

Modest selection of retail shops and restaurants. (See full post here)

2. Hunt for Hakata Ramen (博多ラーメン | hakata raamen)

Fukuoka is well-known to be the birthplace of the ramen chain Ichiran (一番 | ichiran).

3. Chillout at a Night Street Stall (屋台 | yatai)

Most of the yatai is situated in the southeast of Nakasu island. (See full post here)

4. Visit the Yanagibashi Rengo market (柳橋連合市場 | yanagibashi rengo ichiba)

The market is pretty small consisting of just a single main lane. (See full post here)

5. Day trip to cat island! (相島 | ainoshima)

Be greeted by resident 猫ちゃん the moment you disembark from the ferry. (See full post here)

6. Outlet shopping at Marinoa City

Shop for your favourite brands at great discounts.

7. Visit the ruins of Fukuoka Castle ruins

The castle grounds has been transformed into a garden. The castle keep had not been rebuilt and in place is a vantage point overlooking the city.

8. Canal City

Huge modern shopping centre in the heart of Hakata.

9. Immerse yourself in a Motsunabe Hotpot (もつ鍋 | motsunabe)

Popular dish in Fukuoka featuring a hotpot with beef or pork offals, the most common being beef innards (ホルモン | horumon).

10. Savour mentaiko (明太子 | mentaiko)

Seasoned pollock roe served grilled, with spaghetti or on its own.

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