Grill Fresh Wagyu at Yanagibashi Rengo Market | 柳橋連合市場

Grill Fresh Wagyu at Yanagibashi Rengo Market | 柳橋連合市場

The Yanagashi Rengo Market is a pretty small market consisting of about 20 shops. Most of the shops sells fresh seafood, meat and vegetables.

Vending machine selling 焼きあご出汁 (yakiago dashi), grilled flying fish stock

This stall sells 鹿児島和牛 (Kagoshima wagyu beef), they even have a grill ready at the side!

Tray weighting about 200g of Kagoshima A5 wagyu on the grill for ¥3,000

Visit Manu Coffee located at the river end of the market for your caffeine fix

The market is really small, so don’t expect much of it especially if you have visited Tsukiji before. Grilling your own meat on-site is an experience though.

Getting There

The nearest metro station is Watanabe-dori and it takes about 5 mins to walk to the market.

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